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Ham logger

Amateur Contact Log.

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Field Day Contest Log. Thanks for visiting our amateur radio software website. I became an amateur radio operator inat the age of 14 and have been enjoying many facets of amateur radio ever since. I enjoy working contests, making contacts via CW and phone, experimenting with antennas and general tuning around the bands.

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As an extension of my Amateur Radio hobby, I became interested in computer programming. I wanted to create easy to use software for my station that performed a variety of functions for contesting and general logging. I began in with a program to log contacts during November Sweepstakes and shared it with local hams. The program was so well liked, I started to receive requests for additional software. From that first program, our software library has grown to more than applications!

Amateur Contact Log is an easy to use general logging program that has many great features including tracking of worked all states, counties and countries. The rest of our programs are easy to use "contest specific" applications.

ham logger

You can see what we've been up to lately on our recent news and announcements page. We are thrilled with the positive response we have received and we can't thank you all enough for your ideas, kind words and encouragement.

All of our software is free to try and fully functional!

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Please click the links above to browse through our software library, try our programs, put them through their paces and see what you think. We hope that you enjoy these programs, and if you find them useful, please tell a friend! Serving the Amateur Radio community with contesting and general logging software since You are visitor. But do this with gentleness and respect Recent News! Who is N3FJP? Customer Comments Affirmatech, Inc.

You are visitor 1 Peter 3 vs Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.Bob is also the author of Zakanaka, and an older bit version of Logger. Logger32 is currently supported to run under Windows 7, 8, 8. Logger32 may still run with reduced functionality under earlier Windows versions, however, updates are no longer suppled for those obsolete Operating Systems. See the Program page for more details. Logger32 has been developed to be a highly user configurable general purpose Amateur Radio logbook with computer control support for many radios and antenna rotators.

It is NOT a contesting log, although there is no real reason why it could not be used for such, and does not contain some features that might be found in software specifically designed for this activity.

This Logger Downloads Logger32 Full v3. English Help Files info - download. Petr and Zen Systems have now further stepped up support and is hosting the full Logger32 website as of Dec. The Logger32 community is grateful for this kind gesture and appreciate the continued support with this high bandwidth hosting service. Andy, K3UK Thanks also go out to Andy K3UK for providing a high bandwidth download location to host the large install and help files in the past from to This Website This LoggerA selection of best free amateur radio general logbook programs for Windows taken from our huge list of ham radio logging software links category.

If you are looking for more free ham radio logging software or open source ham radio logging softwareyou may have a look at the following links categories.


DX Zone, covers a lot of subjects. My hobby of Ham Radio has changed so significantly I dont know where to restart to get semi-active. There probably are thousands of licensed hams just like me who need help. What is your suggestion or recomendations? Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio, currently lists Ham Radio operators review new sites every day sincefor potential inclusion in the Directory, and to evaluate the best place to list them.

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Top Amateur Radio Websites — Issue WSJT-X 2. Logger Logger32 runs under all Windows versions. Logger32 has been developed to be a highly user configurable general purpose Amateur Radio logbook with computer control support for many radios and antenna rotators. Due to its flexibility it covers all requirements.

Run under Windows and support external devices, dx cluster, reporting and many features. Top Amateur Radio links of the week Issue Best links of the week 26 Please enter your comment!

G0SEC Ham Radio Log software

Please enter your name here. You have entered an incorrect email address!An amateur radio suite that includes Log program, remote radio control, DM a multimode decoder, mapping and rotor control tools. Latest free build is 5. Logger32 runs under all Windows versions. Logger32 has been developed to be a highly user configurable general purpose Amateur Radio logbook with computer control support for many radios and antenna rotators.

It has been designed for the the serious and the casual DXer. Included is a database of counties and countries. Trial version available. Two-way data exchange with MixW2, and DigiPan. Integrates with DX Atlas.

Due to its flexibility it covers all requirements. Run under Windows and support external devices, dx cluster, reporting and many features. Very efficient, fast and easy to use. Support and development is discontinued. Many other useful features.

Ham Radio Log Software

This program is currently discontinued by the author who developed another ham log program for windows. Aether gives hams logging software that is as powerful, easy to use, and good looking as the operating system it runs on. The software works inside your browser, making it possible for you to use with any device connected to the internet. All of your log data is stored on the cloud.

ham logger

Developed in VB. Allows everyone to view the log and a central admisitrative section which when logged into allows you to add and edit and remove entries. It features an easy to setup page, run the setup page and enter the required values and your set to start logging.Now with rig control!

It is meant for use when operating portable from the field or mobile drive safe! It does a lot more than just logging, see the list below. If you leave a complaint in a review please leave your callsign so I can get in touch with you to fix your problem, or email me directly.

I cannot reply to reviews. Please NOTE: This application is not meant to replace a more formal method of logging such as a computer based logging application or the classic paper method.

It is more for quick logging while portable or mobile. Personally, I transfer all contacts to paper after coming back from field QRP fun. I will happily respond to feedback, entertain feature requests, and answer questions directly, please contact me at the email address listed on n3wg.

Please visit www. There is no inter-device dup detection.

5 Free Amateur Radio Logbook Programs Worth a Try

Dup detection between devices is an exercise left to the exported spreadsheet application of choice. Please test and become familiar with it before using it live during Field Day. Version 5.

I've been using HamLog for almost all of my mobile and portable operations for the last three years. I first downloaded it and used it for field day and it was perfect. An iOS device is perfect as a low power logging computer.

Cloudsync works great, the grid square locator has worked flawlessly on three different models of iPhone, and the band plan and wavelength calculator are great tools to have on hand. When I had a question about a feature the author was quick to respond and point me in the right direction.

The feature was already there! I have very limited experience with the app so I'll have to report back later after I've used it a little more. Seems like it will be a good app for portable logging and it comes with super support.

I originally rated this app lower because the Lookup feature was broken due to the iOS11 update. This was not found out until after I purchased it.

Anyhow, now that it has been updated, it works like a champ and has all the tools any ham could possibly need. Requires iOS 8. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Description Now with rig control! Apr 16, Version 5. Ratings and Reviews See All. Sadie R. Size Category Utilities. Compatibility Requires iOS 8.QRZ Forums. Hi all, ive allways kept a paper log but now i would like to keep a log on my pc. Id prefer an easy to use program as im still a one finger typer, but i would like to be able to have the following features as i have had a look on the web for such a program, and found a few but still need advice.

N8NOE likes this. I've played with lots of loggers. N6OSBOct 14, KF4RAF likes this. Thanks for the advice, i should of said that the operating system im using is windows xp.

I dont know if that helps or not. Why is it that hams will pay thousands for a radio and antennas, but then demand that ham software be free? We programmers need to make a living too despite what the numb skulls at the GNU project think. KB3XOct 14, TO kb3x, im sorry my friend that software or freeware offends you but i thought that a logging program under freeware for fellow hams would not be that much of a big deal. As to a trade i'm a carpenteri dont expect you to want me to build you a roof for nothing.

But many times ive climbed a roof or tower or trees for fellow hams and not wanted to be paid for my skills. Ham Radio Deluxe-hands down the best!

K8MCNOct 14, KP4UFO likes this. Last edited by a moderator: Oct 14, I also appreciate some of the "free" software available for ham radio use. In some cases the software is made because someone has the skill and desire to help other hams. For others, it also gives the author the ability to "showcase" his or her ability and talent in a little or no cost manner!

AC0FPOct 14, I myself will try to help anyone that ask's me, in any way i can. I take my hat off to those that have the skills that others do not have themselfs, and those that dont know but have the humble nature to ask.Amateur Contact Log 6. For systems older than XP, please use the archived VB6 versions.

ham logger

Download Amateur Contact Log Now! If you are upgrading from a previous version of AC Log, please click here for the the steps to upgrade. The Origin of Amateur Contact Log. After I started computer programming, I knew I wanted to create a program that would perform all the functions my Dad and I used to dream about when I was a kid.

ham logger

The result of this dream is Amateur Contact Log. Not only have our ideas been included, I have also incorporated many of the fine suggestions I have received from thousands of AC Log users around the world. I can't thank everyone enough for your ideas, support and kind words.

I am grateful for all the positive response I have received for AC Log, and very thankful for the friends I have made as a result of it.

I hope you enjoy using AC Log as much I enjoy creating and supporting it! Amateur Contact Log Features:. Very easy and intuitive to use!

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The user interface is customizable! You can choose to display any of the data fields you want and decide where you want them. The DX Spotting window can now be set to any size you like!

You can also change the font sizes of all the fields, lists and text boxes as well! Includes a database of counties and countries. Query by band, mode, or power level to easily track your accomplishments by individual and multiple criteria. Lists previous contact details with the station currently being worked including name, dates of previous contact sQTH, etc. A Net Manager form, used for logging with multiple stations. Whether you are managing a formal net or just joining in on a casual round table, this form makes logging with a group quick and easy.

Audio alert for needed spots. Send keyboard CW via your comm port or WinKey and play wave files via your sound card.


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